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With the field of technology used in the assembly of the various components of bars and terminals, started in 2007, a product manufacturing project with Attow brand , to meet the aftermarket in the line of heavy and utility vehicles , where quality is a major factor .


The Attow is throughout Brazil, with over 20 years of market. And expands increasingly.
Find our representatives in each state through our map aqui.

iso and inmetro certification

The ATTOW AUTOMOTIVE is proud to work within the highest standards of the market and thus maintain all certifications required by the Brazilian market.


  • 2016/May RELEASES

    Check out the releases of May of ATTOW. We are increasingly working to achieve the goals and market desires. [...]

  • Inmetro Seal

    The ATTOW is committed to the manufacture of parts with full guarantee of quality. Bars and direction terminals are the vehicle safety items and require a manufacturing within the standards for this since 2015, all items must have Inmetro seal that guarantees this quality. Our company was one of the first in [...]

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